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Bath Bombs – Fizzing Aromatic Bath


Bath bombs! – Sounds exciting but you are not familiar with this type of arsenal?
These are tiny fragrant balls, when dropped in warm water fizz up, because it has baking soda, citric acid and other ingredients which react to water, so you get that exciting fizz with aromas!

Bath bombs are the latest bath accessories to a good beauty bath with herbal colors and rich aromas that slowly envelop you. If you search online, there may be innumerable sites selling bath products with prices ranging from low to exorbitant. But one thing is for sure, bath bombs do provide you with a peaceful, rejuvenating experience that makes you forget your hectic day, outdoor pollution and daily stress.

They provide you with a relaxed bubbly, fragrant bath that is very therapeutic. Aromatherapy uses these aromas to provide you with a calming, relaxed state. So, including them in your bath has a dual benefit- relaxation with an exciting fizz!
High quality bath bombs have real essential oils added in them while less expensive bath bombs have low quality synthetic fragrance added during the making. So, according to your budget and requirements you can either buy bath bombs or even make them at home bath fizzy.


Making bath bombs is very easy and fun. You can make your beauty bath bombs according to your personal choice and can take it up as a commercial venture or just keep it as a good creative hobby and gift them off to friends on special occasions. It is very easy to make bath bombs at home. You will need ΒΌ part baking soda and add 3tb.borax powder, 2tb.citric acid, fine sugar for binding some portion almond oil, vitamin E and your favorite essential oil. Combine all the dry ingredients and stir well, until well blended. Pour in pure almond oil, add the essential oil and Vitamin E and stir it.

You can add herbal based colors also, to give you beautiful colored, fragrant water. When mixed well, it will have dough like soft feel. Roll it into tiny balls and will place it on wax paper. Dry them for a few hours and keep them in an air tight bottle for later use. When you put this nice fragrant bath bombs in your bath tub, the delightful fizz and aroma will fill your bathroom for hours to come!

You can gift pack your hand crafted aromatic bath bombs in beautiful cups or put it in a bunch of different colors. Your friends and relatives will be very happy to receive them and you save money buying them. When you make your own bath bombs you know the quality of the product. While you can always put synthetic essence for fragrance but putting original, organic essential oils and pure almond oil or olive oil can benefit your skin to a great extent.