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Things to Consider Before Buying Women’s Motorcycle Boots


Motorcycle boots play a very important role in protecting your feet during crashes as well as from the elements of nature when out on a ride. Women have become very particular about wearing motorcycle boots that are not only functional but are stylish as well. Motorcycle gear manufacturers recognize this need and have expanded their line to cater to women specifically. Harley Davidson, known for its motorcycles, also has their very own women’s Harley Davidson boots line to provide motorcycle riding women an edge when on their motorcycles.

Due to the large number of styles available for women’s motorcycle boots, it can be really frustrating and time consuming to do a comparison of all of them. What you can do is select a few styles and take the basics into check before actually buying one. You have to consider safety first and foremost since it is the most important factor there is to consider especially on an adventure hobby such as motorcycle riding. Style may come in second but overall, the style of one’s boots will not compromise the rider’s safety, thus, making the boot style to become primarily a fashion statement first before others. Here are some considerations to make on the best pair of motorcycle boots you want to have Best women’s motorcycle boots:

Upper, Foot and Sole Design

Look for a boot that covers your ankles for protection. Boots that are reinforced in the ankles gives you more strength to handle anything that your bike might need from you. It also helps you to avoid leg burns from your bike’s engine. Shell protection may be an added bonus and some boots have shells that can be adjusted for a perfect fit. Boots with this type of protection is the safest of the motorcycle boots around. You should also watch out for the boot’s grip around your heel and ankles and if it has a shifter pad. The boot’s sole must also provide great traction so that you will have a good grip even when wet.

Boot material, Ventilation, and Water Resistance

Another important consideration to make is the kind of material the boot is made out of. Usually those from the women’s Harley Davidson boots line are made from leather yet are further enhanced by making the boots more breathable. Ventilation is very importance so that your feet will be allowed to breathe and are kept dry. Water resistance is also very much needed to keep your boots dry and last longer.

Opening/Closing Mechanism and Usability

When you first search out your boot, first ask yourself the question whether or not you want your boot exclusively for motorcycle riding or you intend to use it to work? This way you can choose the appropriate style of motorcycle boots. Nevertheless, it is important to check the opening and closing mechanism of the boot to ensure that nothing is lose that will get entangled with the motorcycle during its operation.

These are the things that you should consider before comparing one boot style from another when choosing from the women’s Harley Davidson boots collection.