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Car Review – Hyundai Excel 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, X3


This is a used car Inspection for Your Own Hyundai Excel X3 Sprint. A ideal first vehicle that’s very good on fuel and cheap to repair.

I purchased this vehicle in 2007, 10 years as a result of its manufacture from 1997. It’d 150,000 km’s on the clock and was fair condition, inside and out.

As a young driver, this car was purchased to commute to school and work. It is excellent on gas around the city and on highways in a speed of no more than 1-10 km/s. I once drove out of the Gold Coast into Bundaberg (about 6 hours or 442 km’s) within just half a tank of gas from a full tank.Daily Car Reviews

I owned this car for three decades and I never had any major problems with it. I did need to restore the hydraulic clutch right after buying it. It isn’t a costly part and should just have a mechanic one hour or so to displace. The single problem I had was with the starter engine which was cheap and simple to replace myself. The car started much faster following this as it used to end up just a little.

I owned up this car until 198,000 kilometers’s without any other problems. I purchased it to upgrade to an even more effective engine. It was a fantastic small car and I would highly recommend this model as a first car or cheap run around, especially how I drove it all through the years.

Even the Hyundai Excels are recognized to burn up oil but this is not a big concern for as long as you test it every 2-3 weeks and up it if needed. I’d execute a complete oil and filter change every 3 weeks to prolong the life of the engine and increase efficiency – but this is something you always need to do if you have a older car. When you have a mechanic that regularly services your car that you do not have to worry about it since they’d do it to you.

The sole thing which you should be aware of is that it’s typical for your paint to fade.

Therefore, if you are considering a Hyundai Excel because they’re cheap to run, easy to drive and good affordable then those small cars are excellent for youpersonally! Try to pick up one from a elderly man who’d looked after and defended it. Very good luck.