Android Offers More Flexibility for App Developers


There was no doubt that cell apps are transforming the way in which organizations engage and communicate with customers, and have created a brand new business in mobile app progress. Apple was first to promote with its appstore and public API program, permitting virtually anyone to create mobile programs and make dollars (perhaps). Android adopted shortly after its App Marketplace, and also Windows Phone 7 has recently entered the space also. Also, let is not just forget concerning Blackberry, that possessed that the smart cellphone for years before iPhones and Androids built smart phones trendy for everyone, not simply executives.

So, being a company pioneer, exactly where should you focus your mobile apps initiatives? Let us consider the numbers.

Apple is currently leading the manner, boasting more than 350,000 apps at the time of May 2011 (check the title tag onto the App Store web page), but Android is gaining momentum. The truth is that in early May, Google confirmed that the Android marketplace offered over 200,000 programs. Compare this into data from simply a year earlier in April 2010: Apple’d 185,000 programs in contrast to Android’s 38,000. Certainly, Android is currently catching up Black Market App Store.

So far as device sales, Android has pulled ahead. Recent statistics in NPD team suggest that Android is definitely the very widely used consumer smart phone platform, owning 53 percent of their U.S. client industry share, whereas both Apple and Blackberry (RIM) have just 19 percent. In addition, a modern PC World report cited a March 2011 survey by GetJar which suggests Android shows no symptoms of reducing, with 40% of users reacting which their second smart mobile will probably soon be an Android phone, compared with only 16 percent that said their second phone would be an apple iphone.

In an evolution perspective, Android has become the most adaptive platform. Programmers can create apps using Apple, Windows, or even Linux technology; Apple only provides you one selection (imagine which?) . The program development and entry method can also be a whole lot more receptive for Android in contrast to Apple as well as different mobile platforms. When you submit an app towards the Android Marketplace, then it’s immediately available to allow visitors to manually install and download Android apparatus. Apple, on the opposite hand, takes one to await approval, and simplifies several programs predicated on theory, layout, or performance. This produces a specific high quality benchmark for iPhone and also iPad programs, however is bothersome for developers who can some times get trapped in a darkened hole attempting to find an application approved. The immediate approval process for Android programs caked the course of action, also Google takes greater of a laissez-faire approach since it brings programs for a lot of complaints, however, stays out of the manner otherwise.

However, Android is not perfect. The most important disadvantage using Android is really that you just have so many apparatus to examine, as opposed to just three for Apple (i-phone, I pad, and I pod). Inconsistencies across apparatus can make issues for the program’s performance and reputation. On the flip side, which makes an app compatible using so many devices generates a bigger potential userbase. Android can be somewhat behind Apple in the tablet space, though you will find several new Android tablets coming this year out. Moreover, the Android system is currently enlarging in to TVs, fitness products, and also other electronics, so you want to stay current on all the hottest apparatus.

So, exactly where can you go out of here? Android? I-phone? In short, the answer is equally both (you need to include a Windows Phone 7 and also Blackberry program if tools allow). Android and i-phone are here to remain. While Apple received a lot of the eye at the first years of cellular apps, Android has shown it’s really a power to be reckoned with. The most important thing is the more greater platforms your programs incorporate with the more further brand recognition and revenue you may drive straight back again to your company.