Home Based Jewelry Designer – Disability Opportunity


Having a disability does not short change your opportunities for self-employment. With the home computer and a plug into the Internet you can get started on your adventure of being an entrepreneur. With your passion for jewelry making and the artisan abilities to design and make jewelry there is a wonderful business opportunity waiting for you. You just need to start.

There is a large market for many types of original jewelry. There are many people who are interested in jewelry for self, infants, teenagers, young adults, and mature adults. People like to buy jewelry for their hobby interests, sports, school activities, church functions, money-raising activities, and so much more.

Once you open your eyes and your thinking to the marketplace outlets your imagination will soar with so many design ideas that there will not be enough hours or years to complete all the jewelry designs which you would like to make.

Regardless of your disability the personal home computer in combination with the telephone will generate monies for your love and passion of jewelry designing and the making of jewelry. A home based jewelry designer has part-time and full-time employment on or off the Internet highway jewelry gold design tutorial with computer.

If you are the classical entrepreneur who welcomes challenges you can transform your jewelry designs into a product that will produce additional income for yourself and your family.

Do you have travel limitations because of your disability? This is not a problem.

The home based jewelry business will allow you the flexibility to care for your disability on your schedule and to move at your personal pace of activity. Many jewelry supplies and business supplies e.g. business cards, stationary, and other office necessities can be ordered using your personal computer and all is delivered to your home.
Jewelry supplies for your stock or jewelry that you sell online can be picked up or delivered through delivery service businesses that make it their business to pick up and ship packages to any city in the United States or in the International market.
You will have the ability to control your lifestyle while you build a home based jewelry designer business. Building a business is interesting and exciting. You can build your business as large as you want. You control the growth of your business.

As a jewelry designer you will be making jewelry because:

You love it
You want to work for yourself and meet your own goals
You have original ideas for your jewelry designs
You want to earn more money
You have flexibility to organize your day as you wish.