Article Marketing Leverage – Ways to Reuse Your Existing Articles


After writing articles for some time, you may wonder what are you going to do with all the articles besides posting them to article directories or to other sites. They are solid content. Certainly they have the potential to be used for other purposes as well.

But… what are they?

1. A core issue article

In my marketing system, part of it is to write a 3- to 8-page article, an article that I refer to as core issue article. Small business owners may write about the problems they solve with their products. Service professionals explains issues they work with their clients article rewriter.

Repurpose existing articles, expound them to include research data or other interesting tidbits. As the name implies, this is the core of your business, what you offer to the world in your products or services.

Core issue article is a great marketing tool to give away. Those who want a copy can give their business card or email address so you can send them the digital copy version of the same article.

It helps you proceed into the next sales process that is closer to sale.

2. Rewrite as blog posts

Every single article should be suitable for your blog. You can post them as is or by writing some parts of them. Rewriting is important to make it unique. Another benefit is that you can add a call to action so instead of just an informational piece, it also invites participation on your blog in the forms of comments or direct feedback to your contact form.

3. Idea buckets

Your collection of articles are also source of inspiration and ideas. If you need to write more comprehensive articles for reputable publication (usually they require longer articles), you can take ideas from this collection and rewrite it, just like with core issue articles.

When it’s time to write your e-book, you can also use the same articles as the basis of your work.